c-Bridge Interstate Talkgroup

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The Interstate talkgroup provides c-Bridge owners and system managers another option without tying up the national and international talkgroups.  While c-Bridge operators make the decision to join, anyone on your IPSC Managers is welcome to make use of the talkgroup.  In other words, this talkgroup is not meant to be restricted to only managers.

Interstate Talkgroup ID is: 3100

You can use any TG ID number and either timeslot on your networks however.  DCI is simply getting the Talkgroup started and hosting the mappings during this initial phase.

Known c-Bridges carrying Interstate as of 09/19/2014:

DCI, Washington St SF Trbo, California K0USY - Kansas
AZ-TRBONET - Arizona GeorgiaDMR - Georgia NorCal - California
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Click on a c-Bridge name to Email that c-Bridge manager for more details on their implementation of the Interstate talkgroup

The Interstate Talkgroup is up and running now with the above c-Bridges.  Many more states are covered then just the home state in which a participating c-Bridge resides.  The Talkgroup ID is 3100 and all you need is a c-Bridge mapping.  If you have a c-Bridge and wish to join in on the feed, please contact DCI at:  interstate@trbo.info

The advantages of having a c-Bridge Interstate TG are several:

1) Connections in place already for full or part-time use between multiple c-Bridges on the fly
2)  Complete independence from the national TG's (Comm 1, North America, etc) normal traffic
3)  No  membership, restrictions or politics (as in DCI/TRBO-6, DMR-MARC, etc)
4)  Regional communications and/or interconnection for hamfests, public service, weather, etc.
5)  Ability to bind your other talkgroups to "Interstate" for temporary connections to other networks not otherwise  available.
6)  Additional learning experience in managing the use of the c-Bridge via "Cross-Patches", etc and understanding the limitations and advantages of adding multiple talkgroups to a single time-slot.

The Interstate TG idea bloomed from the Statewide talkgroups that have been springing up in the past several months.  Originally we envisioned linking the statewides but that soon was shelved as it would busy out the each states independent use.  This required a new talkgroup and the c-Bridge to drive the routing of the talkgroup to minimize the timeslot busies.  Each c-Bridge operator has total freedom on how they carry the Interstate feed and may come and go as they wish.  There is no commitment required though we'd appreciate it if you would let us know if you are permanently disconnecting from the feed.

The c-Bridge manager is free to map the Interstate feed to any TG, TS or any of their network managers.  So if you are interested in finding out exactly where the feed appears on any particular c-Bridge, please contact the c-Bridge manager directly, just click on the c-Bridge name in the table above. 

If you need help in adding a c-Bridge to c-Bridge Mapping, check out our Mapping page.  If you want to see some tips, check out our c-Bridge Tips page, especially those tips dealing with Linking ID numbers.

If you are interested in providing some mapping service to dedicate to the Interstate TG project, please contact us at: interstate@trbo.info  If you are being fed Interstate by other than DCI, please let us know so we can your c-Bridge in the table above.


Revised: 09/19/2014 06:19