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Still available are the repeaters in green below

Due to loss of several sites or simply over time, the MVLRS projectis dead and legacy (yellow entries below) .



Frequencies Details
VHF Repeater
(Not linked)
146.740 -.6Mhz, DCS: 025, SQL: 005
Mode: Auto/Fixed FM
 (Not Linked to MVLRS)
Sponsored by the Brewster guys
Full duplex, Analog/Digital Fusion Repeater, 20w
G-9 antenna from (lower) Dyer Hill, soon to be upper site,
SQL should change to 001 or none soon
Winthrop UHF Repeater 444.850 +5, DCS: 023, Mode: Auto/Auto, DSQ/SQL is code 1,  Heatmap Full duplex, Analog/Digital Fusion VHF/UHF Repeater, 20w
G9 ant, 70AH battery back-up  (about 2 days of typical use)
(Not linked)
462.725/467.725, 141.3 in & out (Not Linked to MVLRS) WQZD796, see our GMRS page for much more information
Standard FM mode is supported at all locations.  If you have a dual-band radio, enter all RX frequencies to your scan lists for the maximum flexibility.  This way you can listen to any point on the system and respond back on whichever works best for your location at the time.  Note: digital access is the same for each repeater in Fusion mode, that being a DSQ/SQL code of 01
Mazama VHF 146.560 Simplex FM, DCS Code: 026,
 Extender to Winthrop 444.850 repeater;
Half duplex cross-band Maxtracs, 20 watts, G-7 antenna
 battery & generator back-up
VHF Repeater
(Not linked)
145.210 +2.780 (147.990), DCS: 026, Auto/Auto  DSQ/SQL is 0, Heatmap  Not Linked to MVLRS) Full duplex, Analog/Digital Fusion Repeater, 20w, G9 ant, Mobile coverage almost to Washington Pass, down valley past Twisp closer to Methow (the town), battery back-up (now DMR)
UHF Repeater
(Not linked)
444.850 -5, DCS: 023, Auto/Auto, DSQ/SQL is is code 0  Heatmap  (Not Linked to MVLRS) Full duplex, Analog/Digital only, Fusion Repeater, primarily for use in Mazama, Lost River and Early Winters but portions of Winthrop has coverage.  Also cross-band to Twisp and Mazama extenders but not from them due to the negative offset.
Twisp VHF 146.580 Simplex, DCS 025
FM cross-band to Winthrop repeater
Half duplex cross-band Maxtracs, 22 watts, G-9 antenna
35 AH battery back-up, about 15 hours of typical use
Brewster UHF 446.500 Simplex, DCS: 026, Extender to Twisp and then on to the Winthrop hub Half duplex cross-band Kenwood, 20 watts, G-9 antenna
50 AH battery back-up (temporary UHF frequency for now)


4-18-2017:  Added a GMRS repeater.  While not an Amateur repeater, it does provide services to non ham radio users.  It may move to a better location at some point.  See GMRS for more information

10-29-2016:  The 2 Fusion repeaters were placed onsite today.  Battery backup should provide 2 days of limited use.  Running on a G-9 at about 2550 or about 350 feet above the valley floor in E-Town.

10-3-2016:  Changes again...Soon, both VHF and UHF Fusion repeaters are moving to a new site that has better overall North Methow coverage.  VHF will improve to possibly include Washington Pass at the West end and down close to Methow at the East end for mobiles.  VHF HT operation should be from Early Winters to Twisp.  UHF will not have quite that coverage.  Both repeaters will be standalone.  Expected to deploy before the end of October.

4-22-2016:  Soon, the 444.850 Mazama Fusion repeater is changing location and frequency to enhance it's coverage up toward Washington pass.  New frequency is 145.210 +2.78 Mhz with DCS 026 and DSQ 01.  The WIRES-X repeater will change to 444.850 -5 Mhz, digital only DSQ 01 and continue in room 21068 by default.  No changes to the Winthrop 444.850 Fusion repeater.  These changes will provide the best coverage possible up toward Washington Pass and put WIRES-X on a Fusion repeater to be useful in Mazama and Winthrop.  The interactive use of frequencies and purposes may yet be tweaked even more once we have some operating time on the changes announced today.

1-12-2016:  The Mazama Fusion repeater is now part of the extender system, at least in part.  The extenders are able to hear all traffic going through both the Mazama and Winthrop UHF repeaters.  But you cannot access the extenders via the Mazama UHF repeater.  So any traffic on the Mazama UHF will be repeated to all extenders (Mazama, Twisp and Dyer Hill) but extender traffic will only repeat to the Winthrop Fusion repeater (and other extenders).  Remember to switch to the Winthrop repeater if you wish to talkback to anyone using the extenders. 

11-30-15:  The Mazama Fusion repeater was switched to 5 Mhz down (439.85 input) and DCS 023 to complement the standardized Winthrop repeater.  Now 444.85 simplex is always on 023 and one can monitor both repeaters or use simplex.  Use of digital mode now will no longer bring up both repeaters as well when operating in overlap areas.  This repeater will tentatively be moving to a site about 200' higher than the current location and will favor the western coverage much more.

9-4-15:  The Fusion repeater in Mazama is now up again on a 25' higher antenna, at least temporarily.  Would expect better coverage into Winthrop now.  The plan is still to package it up into a cabinet with the current TRBO repeater for better coverage yet.  The move should occur in October.

9-1-15:  The Fusion repeater RF has been repaired and has been back in town for 3 weeks.  The fires have slowed down its deployment at Mazama.  It is going to be packaged with the TRBO repeater at a better site and return soon.

7-18-15:  The Winthrop Fusion repeater RF output detonated on 7-17.  The Mazama repeater is now at Winthrop and the extenders are now working again.  SQL was turned off, the voice ID'er was turned off and is now CW (does not mute user audio).  DCS is still 023 and RF output is unchanged at 20 watts.

7-6-15:  The Twisp Extender is down for repair (now back in service)...should be back on-site 7-7-2015.  The Brewster Extender will have a new UHF channel soon, not yet determined, possibly 444.850 Simplex, same DCS of 026.

5-16-15:  New APRS digipeater installed at upper Dyer.  Kenwood radio is now the cross-band link to Twisp.  Temp on 446.500, DCS 026.  Both the digipeater and the extender are working well.  DC system is almost done, still need to add the low voltage dropout circuit for the back-up battery protection.  The Fusion repeater will be moved to upper site in the near future for an antenna elevation gain of about 220 feet and  better overall coverage, especially in Pateros and in the lower Methow Valley.

4-15-15:  Mazama Fusion installed on 444.85, DCS: 026, SQL: 001 (same as Winthrop for testing simultaneous use in digital mode only.  Currently running 20 watts into a G6 antenna.

The Dyer Hill repeater will soon be moving to the upper site (181 feet higher plus another 50 feet on the pole.  This should enhance all areas of coverage.  The Digitipeater also to be installed.  FM Extender to Winthrop will work around the repeater/digipeater if it can co-exist on the same site.

3-15-15:  After much testing, this is the short term outlook:  Frequencies and DCS in the table above are updated and correct, no linking to Dyer Hill to be implemented at this time, Coverage: WA pass to Carlton are seamless, (lower) Dyer is good in much of the North Methow valley direct.  Other linking options still to be considered for the future.

3-12-15:  Attempted to add in the Twisp extender and had operational problems.  Twisp is not yet active, Winthrop is now on DCS 025 023 FM, DSQ or SQL: 5 1 and the Mazama extender is on DCS 025 026 FM.  Twisp will be re-installed on Friday the 13th and hopefully will work well.  If not, then likely Twisp will be on 146.56 58 FM on DCS 025 and will not be linked to Dyer Hill until a better method can be implemented in the future.

3-11-15:  (lower) Dyer Hill was installed, CSQ but soon to be DCS 023 025.  The frequency is: 146.740, minus .6 Mhz , DCS : 025, 20 Watts out, coverage even to Twisp and Winthrop.  Twisp cross band will was be installed 3-12-15 for full valley linking, but did not work correctly, so rescheduled for 3-13-15.

OLDER STUFF:  2-20-2015  --  Mazama FM cross-band is running now on 146.74 simplex DCS 023, coverage well past Lost River Association on Lost River Road.  Audio levels seem low on Baofengs but fine with Yaesu HT's and mobiles. 

UHF repeater coverage is OK from Lost River Association on 5 watt mobile on both FM and C4FM.

2-19-2015  --  The Fusion repeater (FM and C4FM) was installed at Winthrop.  Running 12 Watts out of the duplexer (for now) into a 11.7dB Omni antenna.  Full quieting from Dyer Hill on a 50 watt mobile with 14 dB yagi, so very likely that the Twisp cross-band will still be needed and used to tie Dyer to Winthrop.  Quick coverage testing: 1 watt HT inside a car good at Weiman Bridge and Goat Creek at Highland...more testing to be done.  Twisp will be moved over soon to 444.850 on the UHF side and prep for a number of VHF options to match with Dyer or down valley as those sites build out.

We are leaving the National Simplex channels in favor of coordinated frequencies.  This will provide more opportunity to link up with hams in Pateros/Brewster/Bridgeport areas who are also working on their VHF repeater system.  By Spring 2015, this system should be operational.

Cross-band will remain at Twisp and Mazama for the additional coverage provided as well as a method to link the two repeaters together.  Coverage will be fairly solid on all of hwy 153 from the Columbia River to Twisp and on hwy 20 from Twisp to the snow chutes just west of Washington Pass providing usable service to almost all of the greater Methow Valley.  Dyer Hill is expected to provide coverage along hwy 97 from north of Chelan to Tonasket and parts of hwy 17 toward hwy 174 as well as up hwy 153 to Methow/Carlton areas.

Sandy, K7AUC will be working to be add a VHF Fusion Repeater above Brewster that will link into the Winthrop repeater and should cover Pateros, Brewster and Bridgeport with HT coverage. 

Questions about the Linked Repeater System?   APRS?

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