Mazama, Washington,  98833

Now a Legacy page only

Analog:  444.850 (+), PL127.3 full encode/decode

TRBO Digital:  444.850 (+), Color Code 3

GMRS:  462.675 (+) PL 141.3 full encode/decode

Simplex Repeater:  146.520 Simplex PL 127.3 full encode/decode

All three UHF repeaters are located above Goat Creek, about 7 miles east of Winthrop, WA, 2,350 feet ASL, 40 feet HAAT. The (mobile users) service area is Winthrop at about Twin Lakes Road along Hwy 20, then West from downtown Winthrop about 20 miles past Early Winters (to about Silver Star Check on Hwy 20).  Mazama, Lost River and Edelweiss are also covered.  This is a modest or lower level machine currently being tested and configured but substantially completed and operational.  A separate VHF and UHF repeater system is being built for deployment to a high level site.

The 444.850 frequency operates in analog and/or TRBO modes on a first in/first out basis.  You should run PL decode on your radio or you will be hearing the digital noise when the re repeater is transmitting in digital mode.

We are looking for a better home for the sister repeater system.  Ideally a mountaintop location like Flagg would be ideal but likely not realistic for us due to installation costs and site rent.  A location that overlooks downtown Winthrop with a look down the valley toward Twisp and west along Hwy 20 would be more realistic, Studd Horse Mtn for example.  A home, ranch or other parcel which has electricity would be great.  We also have a GMRS repeater that is operational but would likewise, is also looking for a new home.  We could offer you, your family or your business a private tone on the community tone panel for your generosity.  See our GMRS page for more information.

These systems are open for use by the ham public.  Email for additional details.

The low level system currently consists of a Motorola R-100 UHF repeater, Motorola Duplexer, Arcom 210 controller with voice delay boards on all RF ports, Triband fiberglass omni main antenna, triplexer and 1/2" Heliax main feedline, battery back-up and electrical generator back-up.  All RF links will use commercial type-accepted radios.  We provide full PL encode/decode with audio delay so that there are no squelch noises or IDer's heard end to end by the users listening to the main repeater channel.  This makes for a very pleasant system to monitor.  All other tones and voice audio annunciation is set as low as possible to provide a balance between information flow and irritation, essentially allowing for 24 hour monitoring if you wish with the minimum of bother.

At the present time and always subject to change as I tinker and tweak, I  have 220 Mhz, 6 and 2 meter remote bases along with additional RF links to other systems active now or planned to make up the balance of the system.  We anticipate to have solid RF links to outside of the North Methow Valley to further increase the service area in times of need.  The goal will to have both 6 and 2 meter repeaters as the system is built out.

We expect this system to affiliate with local disaster relief or public service agencies.  Any traffic related to these services obviously will have priority over normal traffic.

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  Revised: 08/19/2015