Mazama, Washington 98833
N48 33.3 W120 20  2339' asl

APRS Information

Methow Valley APRS Activity in the Past 24 House


We now have APRS support in the Methow Valley.  The Mazama iGate / Digipeater is operational.  APRS coverage is from just East of Washington Pass (14.5 miles LOS to digi) on Hwy 20 down toward Twisp if you have a 40 watt mobile with 3dB gain roof-mounted antenna.  This provides approximately 40 miles of Hwy 20 coverage in the North Methow Valley.  We also have DyerHL Digipeater located above Brewster/Pateros for some South Methow Valley coverage.
KI6LWC-1 Impreza OT1+ and Maxtrac; updates only when 3 mph or more  TRACK NEAR RAW DECODED
NE7IL-1 Forester FTM-400DR1 Fusion  GPS/APRS equipped dual-band        ALL  TRACK NEAR RAW DECODED
NE7IL-2 Honda FTM-400DR1 Fusion  GPS/APRS equipped dual-band                 TRACK NEAR RAW DECODED
NE7IL-7 Handheld FT1D  Fusion  GPS/APRS equipped portable                         TRACK NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF* All NO7RF SSID's Mike's trackers, computers, stations etc. in the past 7 days
NO7RF Weather Station Davis Vantage Vue reporting to CWOP                                    NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-1 spare                                                                                                         NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-2 TRBO Control TRBO-Fusion Gateway Control                                                   NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-3 Subaru Forester FT-400DR                                                                          TRACK NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-4 Honda Civic FT-400DR                                                                                      NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-5 Yaesu VX-8GR HT Full Digipeater/Tracker capable dual-band HT                          NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-6 Android Phone complete tracker, messaging, background                                 NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-7 spare                                                                                                          NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-8 iPhone iAPRS app Manual updates to track and update map, very basic but free
NO7RF-9 Byonics 8000FA Tester; 1 min beacons, Raw Only (Tracker 3 with 8 watt radio all-in-one) NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-10 Android Tablet 2-24-2015                                                                                        NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-11 APRSIS server Another way to get onto the APRS-IS network                             NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-12 Handheld   FT1D  HT 1; Fusion/GPS/APRS equipped portable (black)                  NEAR RAW DECODED
NO7RF-13 Handheld   FT1D  HT 2; Fusion/GPS/APRS equipped portable (silver )                 NEAR RAW DECODED
North Methow Methow Area Activity Search for activity centered on using zip 98856, Twisp, WA in past 24 hours.
Badger digipeater, wide area  HEARD 2500 foot mountain-top; 13 miles NE of Wenatchee, , 55 miles South of McClure
Baldy Mtn digipeater, wide area  HEARD 5100 foot mountain-top; East of Oliver, BC, 75 miles NNE of McClure
Dyer Hill  Digipeater
1100 hilltop; digipeater and iGate7/24 on Dyer Hill above the Columbia River valley near Brewster/Bridgeport/Pateros
Mazama  iGate/Digipeater   HEARD - RAW 2300 hillside; digipeater and iGate7/24 for North Methow Valley; located in 5 miles Southeast of Mazama, 19.1 miles NNW of McClure (WA7MV).
WA7MV digipeater, wide area
MVHAM's Club digipeater
Winthrop  Digipeater
2050 hilltop; digipeater (Testing in Winthrop from Horizon Flats)
NO7RF  iGate/Digipeater   HEARD - RAW iGate Offline - Tracker 2 in digipeat mode only
W7MCM* All Mike's SSID's  
K7AUC* All Sandy's SSID's  
AH6KD* All Dennis SSID's Dennis's trackers, iPhone, iPads, stations etc. in the past 7 days.
WA6NVL* All Ray SSID's Ray's trackers, iPhone, iPads, stations etc. in the past 7 days.
N6ZEK* All Scott SSID's Scott's trackers, iPhone, iPads, stations etc. in the past 7 days.
WB0VHB* All Randy SSID's Randy's trackers and stations etc. in the past 7 days.

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If you are interested in the current Methow Valley digipeater coverage, here are 3 maps showing: Mazama to Twisp to to Pateros and Brewster.  The coverage shown is very good from Mazama to Twisp and down to Methow.  There are a few miles of holes in the coverage down from Twisp to Hwy 97/Pateros and little coverage past Pateros to Brewster.

NOTE:  Hwy 20 from Hwy 153 has not been fully tested but is good to about 1 mile west of Loup Loup & very spotty further East.

For more on my Repeater Activities, check out NO7RF/R

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