Mazama, Washington 98833
N48 33.3 W120 20  2350' asl


Call Change: these pages are now legacy

I am Mike, NO7RF (as of 2-15-2013) but I was WB6WUI since 1970. 

There is much to be updated with the grant of this vanity call.  I selected it for several reasons; I now live in 7 land, I finally earned by Extra class this past December and I am very active in Internet radio, hence the no rf.

 I relocated to Mazama, WA after living in California since 1954.  I live in a small community of 150 people (large by local standards) about 9 miles east of of the town of Winthrop (pop 400), closer to the smaller community of Mazama (pop 200).  Mazama no longer has a post office, so my home address is uses the Winthrop zipcode.

I currently operate 3 repeaters at low level sites in the Methow Valley.  I have a MotoTRBO digital repeater, with IPSC linking to 15 repeaters, 5 of which are linked to repeaters in Southern California where many of my Ham friends live.  I also have a repeater on 449.850 which covers that "last mile" to the eastern slopes of the North Cascade Hwy (20).  Lastly, I have a GMRS repeater that operates on the Travelers channel (462.675).  There are a few miscellaneous RF links that fill in some of the coverage up and down the Methow Valley.  That is an ongoing challenge and project.

Recent addition are simplex repeaters on 146.520 Mhz.  These repeaters are  located in Winthrop and Mazama and work well up and down valley from Washington Pass to below Carlson.

I am also very active in APRS and have several digipeaters, 1 iGate and a number trackers.

I monitor 52.525, 146.52 and 446.00 simplex from the shack and/or remote base.  The TRBO repeater is linked into the analog system.  Ultimately, I hope to have back-to-back VHF and UHF repeaters located on a higher level site and will then remotely link the rest of the stuff to my home.  Maybe next year.  :-)

For more on my Repeater Activities, check out WB6WUI/R  I can best be contacted off-air by Email at the link below.

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