Welcome to My World!

I'm Pepper and I am certainly not Sage. I am the party poodle and some say a pesky poodle.  I am demanding but I don't expect perfection (think Sage).

I don't fetch and I don't do command stuff.  They (those humans in my house) are not the boss of me either.  Neither is Sage. I am pretty cute and I'm used to getting what I want, one way or the other. 

I'm a good dog and today (6-21-2013) is my 11th birthday and the first day of this website for me.

I am very smart, they both say that I am cunning.  I am have been called the Party Poodle for a very long time because I like humans and other dogs.  I visit human houses if their doors are left open and I will go up to any dog to say hi.


He's a working dog and he works for me.  Very simply, I snort and Sage jumps into action, gets the humans going and I get what I want.  STAT!!!  Very simple.  Do not cross me!