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2 open just-plain To's restaurant

11-Jul-1997 Friday

OCEANSIDE -- There's Roberto's, Alberto's and Hilberto's, and a restaurant
with just about every other male Spanish name ending in "to," so two
entrepreneurs here decided to leave out the first part of the word

John Daley and David Ranson have opened just-plain To's Mexican Food
restaurant at 626 S. Tremont St., behind their 101 Cafe. Until recently,
the building housed Mom's sports bar.

Some of that ambience -- pool tables, large-screen television and pinball
machines -- has been retained for To's.

"The proliferation of taco shops for the last 15 years in San Diego County
has provided an opportunity to bring an upgrade of the style to a casual
dining experience unlike fast-food dining," said Daley, a well-known
Oceanside historian.

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