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MMDVM Server for IPSC


Want to use your openSpot on your TRBO repeater or on a c-Bridge based IPSC network?  Do you wish to not involve the Brandmeister network to make this happen?  This package will enable a TRBO repeater owner or c-Bridge admin to add the benefits of an openSpot or other MMDVM client to IPSC directly. 

This approach has the potential to address some of the concerns of admins when supporting EmComm or other public service work where their may be a need to keep that traffic within the organization rather than open to the world.

This server set-up page will provide you all the information needed to set-up your own portal.  Basic Linux experience is needed to create your own portal.  A server to host your portal can be as cheap as $5.00 a month at Digital Ocean.

Request for help on the larger project:  Time being a commodity in short supply, Cort, N0MJS mentioned:  They are looking for web app programmers to help ó will need python experience, websockets and the ability to understand why you canít shove everything in/out of an SQL database when youíre working with a real-time voice over IP application.  If you are interested in contributing to the overall project, please make contact with the principals at Github Project and/or join their forum support group.

This installation package is the major work of Vance, W6SS and it simplifies the installation as well as documents how to set up the server configuration.  If you are a Linux neophyte, then this is for you.

The actual files used are from the work of Cort N0MJS, who has created the bulk of the files over the years, as well as the additional work by several other hams, all of which is located on Github.  Cort is providing some needed help to shepherd our project along.  But he strongly supports your joining the forum support group if you do make use of any of these partner programs.

PNW is hosting this minor effort to spread the word and help other users of the c-Bridge networking environment to gain this advantage if they don't wish to adopt the Brandmeister network or make use of cross-connected talkgroups via Brandmeister.  PNW's contribution, while rather minor in the larger project, none-the-less, it is our approach to is enable a simple installation of your own server with the minimum of Linux knowledge at a minimum of cost.


Getting a host for your MMDVM server

Spin up a fresh VPS DigitalOcean is $5.00 a month for a VPS
Debian 8.9 X64 Our recommended OS flavor and what we use
Install Info (PNW) General install instructions after VPS creation, handled directly by running the ipscbuild script located in /root


Location Files needed and their purposes
readme.txt Overview of the process from fresh VPS to complete installation
/root/ipscbuild NEW: Execute this file on your VPS to build/install and set-up all needed files with sample config files
/root/dmrbuild OLD: ipscbuild supersedes this older dmrbuild method
/usr/local/bin/dmr Script that starts and stops all the running services


Location Your Important Config and operational files


/opt/hblink/hblink.cfg Master for openSpot clients to connect
/opt/hblink/HB_Bridge.cfg File to enable talk groups and their time slots (appears not to be used or needed)
/opt/dmrlink/bridge/dmrlink.cfg Peer connection to C-Bridge peer manager or master Repeater
  (ex: ./dmr restart)
Script that Starts and stops all the running services from anywhere on the server; (start/stop/restart are the options)
(ex: ./hb restart)
May take about 4 minutes to reconnect end-to-end, be patient or force your openSpot to reconnect sooner
Variables 1 and 2  
HB_Bridge.cfg.Sample PNW's TG config file, a sample of what we have available (appears not needed)



PNW Bridget  How PNW DMR has chosen to implement this server
/tmp/hblink.log  Rough look for clients logged in to the hblink server
Installation of the latest Github files can be done by simply running the dmrbuild file again from root.  Be sure to save your configuration files elsewhere on the VPS
Be sure to change away from the default port 22 for SSH, that port gets hammered hard.
Successful install on Raspberry Pi from a Raspberrian command line image using the above scripts, no modification was needed


Last Thoughts...

We will explore running more than a single MMDVM server group on the VPS to enable more service connections to multiple IPSC networks, each with their own talkgroup deck, all from a single VPS.  More on this later...

We will be exploring further running the VPS with CentOS, which is the same as c-Bridges.  Early effort requires major re-work of mk-dmrlink as well as mods to the install script.  Now back-burner effort if even that.

PNW DMR will provide a CC on request if you wish to tie into our Local 9 talkgroup for our openSpot intercom.  Write if you are interested.  PNW will be the Inbound on LID 9 and other MMDVM servers will be the Outbound CC.

Share your thoughts or if you wish to contribute to our exploration, Email us at:


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