PNW DMR Demonstration Project
The Valley Camp repeater has become a permanent addition to the PNW Network, the more current matrix is being updated for North Bend is at: matrix-pnw-vhf.html

This page is now legacy and will be updated for the demonstration project in the future.


Valley Camp - Summer Gathering 2018

A PNW DMR demonstration repeater has been installed at Valley Camp for the Summer Gathering.  It will stay in operation until sometime past this event. 


Frequency: 440.7250 +5Mhz offset, Color Code 1
(Heatmap; Large 1, Large 2)
(Same zone as the Tacoma North/Ruston repeater)

Thom has reported that the coverage ( HT in vehicle with outside ant) is reported to be from Snoqualmie Falls and up onto Snoqualmie Ridge but not to Hwy 18 & I-90, all of the valley floor.  East from exit 38 to around MP 42 is pretty good including the Bandera airfield but drops off by MP 46.  Check out the Heatmap as well, they are created using 30 watts but currently the repeater is running 15 watts.  Potential to be increased prior to the event or certainly by mid-Saturday morning.

Also a venue-wide Hotspot on 434.00 simplex, CC1 on our Bridget MMDVM server, is potentially set to operate on Saturday AM, maybe into Sunday. You can use our stock Bridget zone or you may program for Bridget's available talkgroups using the Matrix.  Valley Camp may also provide this hotSpot. 

Valley Camp Local 2 will be the main DMR talkgroup for the weekend with Local 1 for spillover traffic.  Talkin or camp admin traffic is on 446.525 simplex CSQ

A VU Meter will be available all weekend for audio level testing on Valley Camp Local 2.

The DMR presentations will be on Saturday afternoon. 

  • 1300-1400 -- What it is, where did it come from, why you should care - Bob AF9W

  • 1400-1500 -- Here in the PNW, how to get involved, what it takes to get started, and you want to join the group - Brad N7ER

A drawing for 2 GD-77 dual band FM/DMR Ht's will be held after the DMR presentations.  Free ticket if you attend both presentations or buy as many as you wish.  All ticket sale donations will go to Valley Camp to help support the Summer Gatherings!

Available Talkgroups




Timers Notes
"the Bridge" 2 3100 2 P15/3m * Very busy international Talkgroup, Calling and QSO's welcome, 1st wide area talkgroup created in 2011 (must kerchunk to turn it on)
Cascades East 1 3191 1 P15/3m Repeaters on East side of Washington state primarily
Comm 1 3116 1 P15/3m Busy National talkgroup, 1 of the very first TG's from 2010 (must kerchunk to turn it on)
Idaho 1 (bm) 3116 1 P15/3m Idaho statewide with access to Brnadmeister
I-5-1 3168 1 P15/3m Interstate 5 repeaters only
Local 1 3181 1 FT/5m Only for this repeater's users, not networked, onsite QSO's
Local 2 3166 2 FT/5m Only for this repeater's users, not networked, onsite QSO's
Oregon 1 3141 1 P15/3 Very restricted use, calling or very short QSO's only as this is a SAR Group in the Northern Oregon.
Parrot 1 9998 1 P2/0 Echo Server, test your audio and network connectivity
PNW Reg 2 (bm) 31771 2 F/3m PNW's dedicated Brandmeister Talkgroup, streaming audio available
TAC 1-2
TAC 2-2
2 P5/3m  PNW DMR Network Only, fewest repeaters linked for the QSO, QSO's welcome here
TAC 310 310 2 P15/3m * Very busy QSO Talkgroup / 1st TAC TG created in 2014, now a worldwide TG (must kerchunk to turn it on)
USA 2 1776 2 P15/3m Not Busy, all of North America, QSO's welcome
Washington 1  (bm) 3153 1 F/3m Washington statewide QSO talkgroup with Brandmeister connection
Washington 2 103153 2 F/3m Washington statewide QSO talkgroup

MCT Enabled

  1 Yes TS1 Off = 16770071   //   TS1 On = 16771071
TS2 Off = 16770082   //   TS1 On = 16771082
Local 1 and Local 2 only are for use at Valley Camp only (this repeater only; no networked traffic) and have priority over all other TG's.  Good for local QSO talkgroups with timers to hold off network activity for 5 minutes.
Both timeslots can be used simultaneously on the repeater.  So 2 QSO's are possible, one on timeslot 1 and the other on timeslot 2, both at the same time.
Washington 1 and 2 are full time.  Most of the talkgroups are on PTT (part time talkgroup).
MCT:  MCT On will turn on all talkgroups for 55 minutes for monitoring.  MCT Off will turn off most networked talkgroups for 15 minutes.
This manager has a small sampling of talkgroups available on PNW DMR.  Local 1 & 2 are just for use locally on this repeater while the Bridge and TAC 310 are VERY BUSY networked talkgroups (if you wish to hear more DMR traffic).  Washington 1 & 2 are fairly busy with our regional traffic and and are the talkgroups to reach out to for all PNW repeaters in Idaho, Washington & British Columbia.  Oregon North is a SAR network and is only to be used for very short QSO's.
If you want to listen to busy national or international talkgroups, simply kerchunk TAC 310 or "the Bridge".  Feel free to call on either talkgroup as they both are now QSO talkgroups.
Codeplugs are available on the web and newer codeplugs available on our IO Group.
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