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Bring your own Repeater - Early Draft


Are you interested in bringing your own repeater (BYOR) to the PNW DMR network?  Do you have a site, a repeater or only part of what is needed to deploy and need help getting to the finish line?

Well here is how it's done, what we need from you and what we can do for you as well as a bunch of other stuff.


So what you need?

  • A repeater; Motorola MotoTRBO, any model VHF or UHF, capable of IPSC networking, almost all are.

  • a site in our region; wide area or fill-in sites wonderful but garage locations are possible

  • Internet connection, dynamic IP, slow speed is fine, 30khz bandwidth is miniscule but must support UDP port inbound to your repeater.

  • RF system to support a repeater; typically a duplexer, isolator, quality feedline and quality antenna, much depends on your site requirements.  Similar to any FM repeater installation but with an Internet connection.

  • A frequency pair in the 2 meter or 70 cm Ham band suitable for your site.

  • A Radio ID (issued by DMR-MARC)

  • Your ability to put it all together and deploy your hardware.

    • If you need help with some aspects of parts to deploy, ask us if we can with equipment.


What we provide you:

  • All IPSC networking and backend support to put your repeater onto the PNW DMR network

  • A deck of talkgroups, much your choice but also with several required.

    • Your choice of talkgroup setting to suit, again with certain requirements

    • May try the open network if you wish to test or provisionally join PNW DMR

  • PNW DMR Web support for your repeater (see our website generally)

  • A c-Bridge account to help monitor your repeater...and the rest of the network

Other considerations:

  • We require that your repeater be "open" and welcoming to visitors and travelers.  A closed repeater does not align with PNW DMR's goals.

  • Your repeater and it's users must conform to the commonly accepted DMR radio settings to keep the maximum compatibility possible for the smoothest troubl-free network operation. (no ARS services, use TXI if available, never use TX always, etc)

  • Your user's TX audio levels must be maintained at typical levels; very low or high audio is hard on the listening audience.

  • All user radios must have valid (DMR-MARC issued) Radio ID's and assigned to that user.  Do not use default 1 nor use someone else's Radio ID.

  • Do not use Private Call nor Encryption

  • Basically, be a good Ham neighbor.

  • Please no politics or religious discussions over the air.

Our resources:

  • PNW Website; chock full of everything about MotoTRBO/c-Bridge networks

  • Resources for your users via the web

  • Yahoo Group support

  • Codeplugs for many different DMR radios that cover the DMR repeaters in our region

More to follow....



 Revised: 11/13/2017 17:46

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