DMR-MARC Audio Archives of Nets

Live uStream TRBO Video Feed; popout
Achives are listed on the streaming link above
Live Radio Reference TRBO Feed (Mobile)
(Audio recordings have all dead air longer than 2 seconds removed)
DMR Insomnia Net  --  03-03-12

Insomnia Net via LiveStream

Inaugural DMR Insomnia Net: Full net, actual time: 49 minutes, 33:44 minute running time, 4 meg WAV file, LiveStream runs 43:30
RR DMR Net  --  03-03-12

LiveStream Video/Audio of Net

Full net, 57:08 Audio running time, 6.8 meg WAV file
first 75 seconds was digital after initial intro, hang in there...

LiveStream is pending post-processing

RR DMR Net  --  02-11-12

uStream Video/Audio of Net

Full net, 38:46 running time, 9.0 meg MP3 file; 32k normalized Mono audio from an 48k left channel Mono WAV file master. Net ran 48 minutes; dead audio over 2 seconds has been removed saving 10 minutes of dead air time.
RR DMR Net  --  02-04-12

uStream Video Demo of Net

Full net, 56:19 running time, 20meg MP3 file; 48k normalized Mono audio from an 8k left channel stereo WAV file. Net ran 78 minutes; dead audio removed

TX Interrupt/Sutter discussion at begins at: 43:30 and ends at: 49:50

 RR DMR Net  --  01-07-12

Part 1  -  Part 2

Full net, unedited, 16.6meg and 9.9 meg mp3 files, first effort; marginal but acceptable results.

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