Mobile Repeater Manager


If you are an owner of a DCI networked repeater and have a need to deploy another repeater that can be provisioned for use in a moving environment or at a temporary stationary location, then this page should be of some interest to you.   (Deployment Details)

DCI has provisioned manager 11 to be used only for mobile or temporary repeater use.  This manager has a standard complement of talkgroups and may have a few special use talkgroups depending on the current needs of a repeater owner.  There is likely only to be a single repeater connected at any one time so there should be few router issues and no issues with cellular data P2P throttling.

Full Time - Stock Mobile Repeater Manager Talkgroups

Bridge 2  (On) Comm 1  (On) Comm 2  (On)
DCI 1  (On) DCI 2  (On)  


Push to Talk - Stock Mobile Repeater Manager Talkgroups

Audio Test  (PTT 5/3)
Local Net 2  (PTT) not all networks
Michigan 1  (PTT)
Midwest 2  (PTT) North America 2  (PTT; 1hr) TAC 310-2  (PTT 15/4)
Worldwide 2  (PTT; 10 min) WW English 2  (PTT)  

PTT Info  --  PTT:  On time is 15 minutes, hold-off time is 3 minutes unless otherwise noted


Control Talkgroups - Mobile Repeater Manager

TG 11 1 - "On" 16771211 on TS 1 Turns on all Networked TG's for 55 minutes
TG 11 0 - "Off" 16771210 on TS 1 Turns off all Networked TG's for 15 minutes
Ker-Chunk one or the other as desired to toggle the state of the networked talkgroups



  • All hold-off timers are in place for the above talkgroups

  • Other talkgroups may be active but not listed nor have hold-off timers,
    so log-in, key up and see if that TG goes out elsewhere on the network

  • Regional TG's are PTT 15/3 receive only unless otherwise noted above

  • Things subject to change dependant upon request of the last user

  • Local Net 2 may or may not be connected your regular manager (likely not)

  • Enjoy!

Network info:  Master IP:, Master UDP Port & Auth Key: "Ask for it"

Ports for your peer repeater are not critical, use whatever works for your connection as there are no peers to contend with.  T6-DCI Manager 11 is used and its timeslot ID's are 21 (TS 1) and 22 (TS2).  Use your repeater owner c-Bridge account to see the repeater status on live Net watch or Planets.

Revised: 09/19/2014 05:43