TAC 310 Talkgroup - List of connections
Growth of 310 has been extremely successful.  No longer will this listing be updated...likely not even the c-Bridge listing below.

If you wish to know where  the "TAC 310" talkgroup is connected, then this list will provide some information on which c-Bridges and their repeaters are connected to this talkgroup. 

We are attempting to get a list of repeaters from each c-Bridge admin or repeater owner.  This is the listing that we have currently:

Repeater List:  PDF (sorted by city)  /  Word Doc

You should contact the bridge administrator or repeater owner directly (click on any link below for c-Bridge owners) if you want the best, complete and most up to date information as to a repeater's implementation of this talkgroup.

c-Bridge Admins:  Please Email your list of repeaters, timeslots for TAC 310


Notice: The repeater list here is problematic to maintain and is only a very basic guide.  Implementation of this talkgroup anywhere outside of the DCI c-Bridge is beyond our control so our listing may be somewhat stale or inaccurate.


Revised: 09/19/2014 05:43