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DCI Talkgroup Worksheet

DCI is slowing down on adding managers, talkgroups and custom offerings.  The time involved is significant to implement changes, additions and custom settings on this c-Bridge due to the many possible talkgroups.  We are as well approaching the limits of our licensing but we still have some room for growth for repeaters wanting to join our open IPSC manager.

DCI is now using Master Control Talkgroups or MCT's for new managers rather than the traditional hold-off timers exclusively.  Local 1 and Local 2 may also be used as "Mini Master Off's" as well.  This will save hours of programming a new manager.  Most of the custom work discussed below is no longer available in most cases.  Please inquire if you wish more details.

Most repeater owners can now "order up" a custom list of talkgroups if you are on a new single repeater or c-Bridge manager connected to DCI.  We share our resources openly and typically provide you our own custom "network".  However, we still have an Open IPSC Manager as well.

DCI 1 & 2 must be carried by your repeater(s) full time and TAC 310 on PTT.  We hope to create an interest and desire to interact with the DCI repeaters, managers and networks and not simply be your conduit for DMR connectivity elsewhere.  We are trying to bring all the networks together and foster innovative DMR.  If you wish to support us in providing our services, then see our donations page.  The listing below is considered our "basic talkgroups" for a new or fresh manager or IPSC network.

We suggest that Comm 1, Bridge 2, North America 2, USA 2 and your statewide talkgroups also be included in your request, but otherwise, pick from anything on the Talkgroup smorgasbord but be aware it requires effort to implement your selections.  All other requirements that may be in place by other c-Bridges admins must  be abided by for your use or continued use of any TG's that have restrictions in place.  The regional talkgroups are an example of talkgroups with restrictions but they are available in receive only if you request any from outside your region.  Violations could result in your loss of those talkgroups or possibly the loss of your manager.  See Talkgroups for those conditions or for way too much detail: Talkgroups for Dummies.

Data Services are available also and are provided on both timeslots. 

Let us know your requests by listing TG and your specs on the Worksheet.  Email your custom list to dci@trbo.org.  Please include your repeater ID and other information for our repeater list if you have not already done so.  Also let us know if you wish your repeater(s) listed on the website.

Below is the "Stock 16" TG's carried on DCI managers by default.  Mark up the table below and then submit your request.

Talkgroup Desired Full Time
or PTT
MCT On MCT Off DCI's Basic TG's  -- Notes / Comments
COMM 1 FT   Y Suggested FT; line though if you don't want this TG
DCI 1 FT na Y Required; Main TG / Same for all DCI Repeaters
Local 1 FT na na Always on; as it is a local TG on your manager only / Secondary Use if TS 2 is busy
Statewide (yours) FT na Y Suggested if it is on TS 1; line though if you don't want this TG
Audio Test 2 PTT   Y Streaming audio service with a nifty VU meter  (Sponsored by NorCal)
Bridge 2 FT na Y Suggested; line though if you don't want this TG
DCI 2 FT na Y Required; Secondary TG; / Same for all DCI Rptrs
iCall 2 FT na Y Suggested; line though if you don't want this TG
Local 2 (primary) (FT) na na Always on; as it is a local TG on your manager, Primary use / Local 1 if TS 2 is busy
NA 2 PTT   Y Suggested; line though if you don't want this TG
"Regional" 2 PTT   Y Regional TG for your area of the US, suggested; line though if you don't want this TG
USA 2 FT   Y  
WW English 2 PTT   Y Suggested; line though if you don't want this TG
Statewide (yours) FT   Y Suggested if it is on TS 2; line though if you don't want this TG
TAC 310 PTT   Y Required; No impact unless a local user Ker-Chunks
Parrot 1 PTT   Y Typically PTT on short "On Timer", no hold-offs  (Sponsored by DMRX)
Locals as MCT off? na     If yes, 10 minutes is typical, write in a different value if you have a preference
Data na      Yes  or  No? (data carried is on both timeslots by default)
Selections for timeslots 1 and 2:  Please list your selections in alpha order after the defaults.
Talkgroup Desired:  To add additional TG's, list them above choosing from the Talkgroup Listing page.  We suggest also that you add your Statewide and regional talkgroups also 1 or 2 after TG name denotes the timeslot used.  List timeslot 1 talkgroups first in alpha order, then timeslot 2 talkgroups second in alpha order as shown in the list above.
MCT:  Indicate Y or N if you wish local user control to override the default timers.  Your choice for PTT TG's to be included.
Selections for timeslots 1 and 2:  Please list your selections in alpha order after the defaults.
Full Time: TG is always connected to your repeater, PTT will be selected if not indicated.
PTT: Push-to-Talk (Ker-chunk) to turn on TG, typically a 15 time-out timer.

On Timer Time:  If using PTT, how long the TG is to remain connected without other competing local activity on your manager

Basics TG's - Notes / Comments:  Basic manager TG's and Miscellaneous notes if you wish to explain or question.

Locals:  Can act as shorter MCT's with a typical 10 minute hold-off cycle for other talkgroups on timeslot

Data:  You may have SMS (text messaging), Radio Check & Call Alerts?  You may also add Private Call (but not encryption).

NOTE: DCI 1 & 2 must be carried full time.  This so we may call you on the air as well as encourage a two-way relationship over the air.  There has been a tendency to simply use DCI as a connection agent for other purposes because we support open IPSC networks and we welcome all repeaters.  We are not funded by the gobbermont and there is truly is a limit to our free resources.

More information: on these setting at the DCI Talkgroup page.  Some Talkgroups have restrictions or conditions for use or are available in receive only.

Costs:  DCI is now accepting donations to cover the data center overhead where the 3 DCI c-Bridges are located.  As some hams have expressed an interest in donating, we are now formally providing a method to enable an easy process.  This $$$ issue is all new but you should try to appreciate that the costs to provide this service is well into thousands of dollars for hardware as well as significant on-going network connectivity costs.  In addition, adding many talkgroups requires significant programming time (2-4 hours) depending on the number of talkgroups that are requested.  While DCI is truly a hobby and labor of love, it still is an expense paid for in labor and dollars by two hams since 2009.

Revised: 02/15/2016 08:33