TeamSpeak and Teamviewer
How it can be useful for Ham DMR

TeamSpeak and Teamviewer are a very comprehensive communications packages.

TeamSpeak supports interactive voice paths between one or more users.  Teamviewer enables screen sharing between two users.  Both can be used easily to enable more efficient use of time to bring a repeater onto DCI as well as having a convenient talk path when working through the initial setup of networks and routers.  Both are very much "requested" to be available when joining DCI.  We use TeamSpeak during nets as well as when there are major network outages (as well as the Bridge talkgroup).

Teamviewer is a free to use (not-for-profit) program that is essentially a "Remote Desktop" which can be switched back-n-forth so that either user can see the other users screen.  This is used primarily when set-up or helping another admin set up or make changes to their c-Bridge programming.  As a repeater owner, it will not be as useful generally unless you have router problems with respect to your repeater.

TeamSpeak can provide all DMR users access to the latest network information, changes, issues, problems, outages and much more.  Consider it the "go to" place for live, semi live, or text messages for updates when you can not communicate on your TRBO networks directly or you suspect wider network problems.  This is likely to be far more efficient and timely, than Email.

This service is provided by the IT-DMR Network (English) located in Lombardi, Italy and more specifically through the generosity of Armando, IK2XYP, a key figure in the growth of Ham DMR in Italy.  You may find it useful for other services besides DMR support also once you give it a try.

Teamspeak client software is free for non-profit use and is available for PC, MAC, Linux Android, IOS, etc (some apps may have a small charge). 

Once you have the software and/or apps installed, add the DMR server:
Password: IT-DMR-Worldwide

Please identity your Teamspeak profile with your "Call - Name" so all users can easily see who you are.

What do you get:  The ability to communicate with other DMR users at any time but especially when your repeater, c-Bridge or Network has gone gone or otherwise, normal communications is not possible.  Anyone may join the server.  Basic access is provided here but you may request access to additional areas by Emailing: IT-DMR, DMR-IL or DCI with your request and why you need access. 

If you are a repeater owner or c-Bridge administrator and wish access to those areas also, please provide that information also with your request.  If you are an Net Control Station, then we will also support a back-channel for live nets currently for Worldwide, Tech Net and the new 310 Net.

Our current crop of channels supporting DMR are:

  • DMR-Users

  • TransTRBO

  • Repeater Owners

  • C-Bridge Admins

  • Net Control Stations

Network announcements or updates will be made in the DMR-Users group.


Revised: 09/19/2014 05:19