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The Moses Lake East Side Symposium is November 18, 2017.  The event is FULL...however...


The PNW network supports our affiliated IPSC networks of MotoTRBO repeaters and their users in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  PNW is also affiliated with the BC-TRBO network in British Columbia Canada.  See all our Network Activity.

New Users please read the Quick Start Page first, then check out the handy links table at the bottom of the page.  Look for the pale blue backgrounds in the table's rows.


Our Affiliated Repeater List
St Repeater City - Heat Maps

Information - Details

PNW Area Map - Heat Maps: OR - WA

Freq / Offset
Color Code / Contact

BC New Westminster BC-TRBO Affiliate, NWARC 444.6000 +5 Mhz CC1
BC Vancouver - Mt Seymour BC-TRBO Affiliate, BCFMCA, Wide area coverage; South to Bellingham 443.4000 +5 Mhz CC1
ID Coeur d'Alene - Blossom Ridge I-90 corridor coverage, about 69 miles from 4th of July Pass ID to Four Lakes WA (Hwy 904), north to Sagle.  444.475 +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
OR Buxton - Green Mtn Hwys 6, 26 & 47 in Columbia & Washington counties OR 444.0250 +5 Mhz CC9
OR Colton - Goat Mtn Wide area, Clackamas County, I-5; Lebanon to Portland 442.7500 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Eugene OR - Prairie Pk Wide area, I-5; South of Eugene to North of Salem, Coastal; Florence to Newport, online as of 5-10-17 442.9625+5 Mhz CC1
OR Hebo - Mt Hebo North coast, Portions of Central OR   (MCT soon) 442.8125 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Portland - West Hills Wide area, I-5; Salem to Longview WA, Site Info 440.6250 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Redmond - Gray Butte Wide area Hwy 97; Crescent to Shaniko possible 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1
OR Timberline - MT Hood - MCT Wide area, I-5 from Salem to Vancouver, Bend to Maupin 442.9875 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Salem OR - Woodburn Lower level but with wide coverage, was testing low level but not seen on network in many months. 442.8875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Bellingham - Lookout Mtn Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; Everett to Vancouver BC 440.9250*  +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Boistfort - BawFaw Wide area I-5, Olympia to Vancouver WA, some coastal coverages 440.7375* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Bremerton - Gold Mtn Wide area I-5, Downtown Seattle; Puget Sound to Lynnwood 440.7000* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Ellensburg - Suneast I-90 from Cle Elum to 7 miles west of Vantage, Ellens/Moses heatmap 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Ferndale - Vista Ridge Fill-in coverage area: I-5 440.7375* +5 Mhz CC1
WA Longview/Kelso - Rainier Hill Wide area, I-5, Portland, OR to Napavine, WA 441.7000 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Mazama UHF - E-Town North Methow Valley, North Central WA, low level 433.15 +16.5 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Mazama VHF - E-Town North Methow Valley, North Central WA, low level 145.5100 +2 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Megler - Megler Southwest WA & Northwest OR coastal & Inland (OR-N network) 444.2375  +5 Mhz CC9
WA Moses Lake - Frenchman I-90 from Vantage to Ritzville, Moses/Ellens heatmap 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Olympia - Capitol Peak I-5 corridor coverage, Castle Rock to Seattle plus Coastal 440.7125  +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Seattle - Cougar Mtn Wide area, I-5 corridor; Tacoma to Everett 441.2875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Oso - Frailey I-5 from SeaTac to Burlington, Darlington to Sequim, Anacortes, Oak Harbor & Whidbey 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Krell MTR-3000 to be deployed, 2017? 4xx.xxxx +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Lookout Pt Wide area, I-90 corridor; Ritzville to Coeur d'Alene 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Sultan - Haystack Mtn HKS Network repeater; wide area, I-5 corridor / More info 44x.xxxx +5 Mhz CC1
WA Tacoma - Baldi Mtn Wide area, I-5 corridor; Olympia to Seattle 441.3500 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tacoma North - Ruston Tacoma / Seattle area fill-in 440.7250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Vancouver Larch Mtn (WA) Wide area; I-5, Southern WA & Northern OR  (OR-N network) 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1

Notes:  Dark grey shade indicates not online; pending install, planning or repair // If you wish to contact the repeater owner, click on the color code link // Oregon repeaters have a different operating policy, please read it prior to use
* = duplicated Frequency/Color Code // Heatmaps are approximate as exact location/RF details are seldom provided to PNW


PNW Repeater Talkgroups
For talkgroup availability and timers, go to the Matrix:  Oregon --- Washington/Idaho

Talkgroup TS 1 / TG # TS 2 / TG # Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
Audio Test   9999 PTT VU Meter and streaming
BC 3027   PTT British Columbia Local
Bridge (bm)   3100 PTT Worldwide with Brandmeister (very busy)
California 3106   PTT California Statewide (NO Brandmeister)
Comm 1 3777215   PTT Original 2009 TRBO-6 TG, wide area
DCI 1 3160   FT Calling or VERY short contacts!!!
DCI 2   3162 FT/PTT Limited use Only; use Locals or TACs
I-5 3168   FT I-5 corridor coverage area repeaters only
Hawaii 1   3115 PTT Very limited use on only a few repeaters
Idaho (bm) 3116   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, Brandmeister
Local 1 3181   FT Generally is local repeater use only, can be used for MCT off for 5 minutes
Local 2   3166 FT
MCT's 177xxxx 177xxxx 55/25 Master Control Talkgroups, no voice traffic
Montana (bm)   3130 PTT Montana statewide with Brandmeister
Mountain   3177 PTT DMR-MARC Interstate Regional for our region
MPRG1 (bm)   31301 PTT Montana-DMR, Mac Pass Repeater Group, Brandmeister
North America   3163 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and very short QSO's
Oregon (bm) 3141   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, with Brandmeister
Parrot 9998   PTT Echo test server
PNW 1 3187   FT PNW Main All Repeaters; Calling or Standby use ONLY, NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNW
PNW 2   103187 FT PNW's Secondary, Not-a-Net Gathering Wed; 1900, NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNW
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT/PTT PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister the PNW Region
PS 1 3190   FT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting)
PS 2   103190 PTT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting)
SNARS   31328 PTT SNARS main talkgroup  Source: SNARS
TAC 1   8951 PTT TAC 1 is PTT within PNW and HKS only (private to our network; clear TG)
TAC 2 & TAC 3   8952-8953 PTT TAC 2 and 3 are PTT with DMRX connectivity
TAC English   123 PTT DMR-MARC PTT Worldwide English only TG (NO Brandmeister connection)
TAC 310 to 312 (bm)   310-312 PTT

"TAC" talkgroups engage the fewest repeaters, with Brandmeister

TAC 313 to 319   313-319 PTT North America only; (NO Brandmeister)
USA   1776 PTT Worldwide; unlimited conversations
Washington 1 (bm) 3153   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, with Brandmeister
Washington 2   103153 FT/PTT Full time in-state, QSO talkgroup TG
Worldwide   3161 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and short QSO (limited use only)
Worldwide English   13 PTT DMR-MARC FT TG on their side, PTT on PNW, English language use only
NOTES:   Talkgroup ID numbers and timeslots are listed on the Talkgroup How-to page
Not all repeaters carry all PNW talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix
Timeslot 1 has PNW's primary TG's, Timeslot 2 has other Network's TG's primarily; general rule
Statewide talkgroups are fulltime for instate repeaters and PTT for out-of-state repeaters
PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default unless noted above  (PTT Info)
Some talkgroups may be available via PTT but are not listed.  See TG-Matrix for most complete info
New repeater network managers will be created using the MCT concept, now the primary method of talkgroup arbitration
Repeaters owners:  Have any talkgroup issues, changes, etc...Email NO7RF
Handy Links  ---  Pages of interest to new users on blue background
BCFMCA British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association, sponsor of the New Westminster repeater
Bridget openSpot / MMDVM server portal into PNW DMR via OpenSpot, DVMega, etc. /  Custom server creation / Zello Streaming
Best Practices PNW DMR's How to be a supporting member of the network
Codeplug Dir Latest PNW Codeplugs and information on our website and/or in PNW DMR's Yahoo Group
EmComm How we support EmComm and other public service events
CS-580 HT PNW Recommended UHF HT, Codeplugs, Yahoo Group
Fail Information on how PNW deals with a c-Bridge failure via our back-up c-Bridge (Minimal Netwatch)
Flyer Handout or Flyer for clubs, meeting, hamfests, demos, presentations (8.5x11)
c-Bridge Account Request a member account for more networking info and status than provided by minimal Netwatch
Gathering Latest updates on the "Not-A-Net" Gathering, our weekly on-the-air meeting place, on PNW 2 at 1900 Wednesdays.
Heat Maps Current combined: Oregon, Washington  /  General Repeater Location Map
History The efforts to bring TRBO to Washington State and on-going PNW regional milestones
HKS - Haystack Affiliated repeater at Sultan WA on Haystack Mtn via the HKS c-Bridge
MCT Master Control Talkgroups are the new way to manage talkgroups to eliminate networked talkgroups from barging in on an active conversation.
Netwatch Online status and activity for PNW  //  ICBO-2  //  HamWAN  //  BC-TRBO
News The latest updates for the PNW DMR network; check here first
User Guides PNW's New User's Quick Start  //  Oregon User's Guide  //  Generic User's Guide  //  DMR Doc Project  //  Info Dir
Blaine Clinic, held June 17, 2017, presentations and materials / More Info Directory
Moses Lake Symposium held November 18, 2017
Quick Start Quick or entry document for new users to get up to speed on using the PNW DMR network
PodCasts Basic user information provided by Will, N7DUD
Repeater; BYOR Want to add a repeater to the PNW DMR network, here's how.
Quiet Repeater Too Quiet?  Don't simply throw out your call.  Maybe this is why...or Dial-up more TG's via PTT
RepeaterBook TRBO Repeaters in Idaho, Oregon, Washington or British Columbia -- Now beginning to list talkgroups, timeslots and heatmaps!  Look for the "RB" in the repeater listing Info field for each repeater. Why use RepeaterBook?
Talkgroup Info A primer for PNW users to help understand the features and power of talkgroups.  Much more information on each talkgroup and how they operate on PNW // MCT operation explained  //  Brandmeister/c-Bridge talkgroups
Talkgroup Matrix PNW Talkgroups on the Oregon and Idaho/Washington repeaters; what goes where when
Talkgroup PTT What are Part Time Talkgroups, PTT or Push-to-Talk Talkgroups & what are their affects on the timeslots; advanced
Welcome Welcome to our Pacific Northwest DMR Network
Why TRBO? A FM Ham's View of TRBO, now more generically, DMR
Yahoo Group PNW's interactive forum, codeplug depository, news and discussions  (PNW area only members)
Zello Streaming Audio Streaming of the Bridget manager.  Listen to Bridget only, but Zello users can talk to each other.


If you wish to become a donor or to assist PNW with equipment, sites and/or expertise, contact us at:, any repeater owner directly via the "CC" links in the repeater listing above, use the donate button on the right or: include a note with your call sign and how you would like your support to be directed.


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