CPS and Firmware Combinations

What began some 6 months ago was a small list of combinations in a running file.  This page is not meant to be a comprehensive list of info about new features, revisions, fixes, etc but more to keep track of which CPS release matches up with it's firmware release.  There is much overlap and backward compatibility certainly.  Running Releases File

This is page is more historical effort to list releases across the board.  Refer to the specific release notes or other documentation for more details.  Please let us know if you have additions or corrections to this listing.  Email us  It is obvious at a glance that some of the information displayed in the table below is incorrect. 

CPS Firmware Date Notes
V1.0  b59      
V1.x  R01.01.00    
V1.x R01.16.26    
Vx.x  R01.01.03    
V2.0  b67      
Vx.x R01.16.32    
V3.0 R01.02.00    
V3.0  b80      
V3.0 R01.02.01    
V3.0 R02.00.06    
V3.0 R02.00.08    
V3.5  R01.03.01    
V3.5  R01.03.03   may be a typo in firmware
V3.6  R01.03.02    
V3.6 R01.03.04    
V4.0 R01.04.00    
V4.0 R01.04.01    
V4.0 R01.04.09    
V4.x R01.04.03 3-2009  
V4.x R01.04.09    
V4.5 R01.05.00 7-2009  
V4.5 R05.00.10    
V4.6 R01.05.10 9-2009  
V4.6 R05.01.04    
V4.7 R01.05.10    
V5.0 R01.06.00    
V5.1  b179 R01.06.10 11-24-09  
V5.2  b189 R01.06.10 3-2010  
V5.3 R01.06.10 4-2010  
V5.3 V01.06.05    
V5.5  b213 R01.06.20 9-2010  
V5.5 R01.07.09    
V5.6  b233 R01.06.30 8-2010 MOL Release 1.6.7 (Subscriber Only)
V5.6 V07.01.01    
V6.0  b244 R01.07.00 11-2010 Introduced RDAC v3.0, TunerV6.0
V6.0 R01.07.02    
V6.0 R01.07.04    
V6.0 V08.00.05    
V6.1  b282   4-06-11 TXI Introduced, Windows 7 support for CPS, Tuner, RDAC & Air Tracer
V6.5  b289 R01.08.00 4-29-11 Introduced Digital Phone Patch
V6.5 V09.00.08    
V6.7  b327 R01.08.10 10-2011

Introduced Connect Plus Mandown feature, Noise Suppressor

V6.7 R01.08.20    
V6.7 R01.08.32    
V6.7 V10.00.01    
V7.0  b356 R01.08.32 2-2012  
V7.0 V10.00.03    
V7.5 R01.09.00    
V7.5 V11.00.10    
V7.6  b384 R01.09.10 4--2012  
V7.6 V11.00.14    
V 8.0  b410 R01.09.10    
V 8.0  b410 R01.10.10   3600 Trunking, Enhanced Digital Tier
V 8.0  b410 R02.05.00   55xx and 75xx series client radios / OTAP, ARTS, DCDM, IME, RM
V 8.5  b429   12-2012 20/25 khz support removed (need key)
V 9.0  b470 R02.06.20 7-xx-13 Audio improvements
V 9.0  b470 R01.11.21 8-20-13 Impres battery fix for Gen 1 radios
V 9.0  b470 R02.06.20 & 21 8-xx-13 Gen 2 Impres battery fix  (Motorola no longer recommends these releases)
V 9.0  b470 R02.06.33 9-xx-13 Gen 2 Impres battery fix; reads batteries correctly now

CPS, v10.0  (info needed)

CPS, v10.5  (info needed)

CPS, v10.7 Build 580

MOTOTRBO 1.0 Portable/Mobile Firmware: R01.12.11
MOTOTRBO 2.0 Portable/Mobile Firmware: R02.30.21
MOTOTRBO Repeater Firmware, R02.30.20
RDAC, v5.5 Build 76 (This has not updated since the June 2014 release)
Tuner, v10.9 Build 181 (Now works with all 2.0 radios correctly)
AirTracer, 8.0 Build 28 (First update in a very long time)

the following has been updated as of 09/02/2014, contributed by Jerry, W2GLD

This list was originally posted by dss247 and released on the DMR-MARC Yahoo List as post 4020 on July 13, 2012.  Additional contributions since by: WB6WUI/NO7RF, WB6EPD, W2GLD and RadioBup.


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