CPS and Firmware Running Releases List

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What's new in this release



7.6 (Build 384)

Support for Linked Capacity Plus feature.

Support for Bluetooth Programming feature on MOTOTRBO 2.0 and SL Series radios

7.0 (Build 356)

Support for Analog Vote Scan feature.

Support for 5Tone feature.

Support for Voice Announcement feature.

Support for Intelligent Audio feature.

Support for SL Series radios.

6.8 (Build 340)

Support for XPR 6580 IS models.

6.7 (Build 327)

Support for Connect Plus Mandown feature.

Support for Howling Suppressor feature.

Support for Noise Suppressor feature.

6.5 (Build 289)

Support for Digital Telephone Patch feature.

Support for One-Touch Telemetry Revert feature.

Support for Enhanced Channel Access feature in Conventional Mode.

Support for Power Alert Disable and Text Message Alert features.

6.0 (Build 244)

Support for IP Remote Repeater Programming feature.

Support for Enhanced GPS feature.

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature in IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus Modes.

Support for converting from MOTOTRBO Conventional Radios to 3600 Trunking Capable Radios.

Support for Analog Voting feature for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for VHF Range on MTR3000 repeaters.

5.6 (Build 223)

Support for extended ramp-up time for 3600 Trunking Capable Radios.

Support for Dynamic Mixed Mode feature for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for 800/900 Bands for MTR3000 repeaters.

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature in Conventional Mode for MTR3000 repeaters.

5.5 (Build 213)

Support for converting from 3600 Trunking Capable Radios to MOTOTRBO Conventional Radios, 350MHz, Canada Full Frequency Range and Talk Group Scan List.

5.2 (Build 189)

Support for Dynamic Mixed Mode feature.

5.1 (Build 179)

Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium and Professional Editions.

5.0 (Build 177)

Support for Transmit Interrupt feature.

Support for Quik Call II feature.

Support for Home Revert feature.

Support for up to 32 MDC systems.

Support for 800/900 Bands models.

Support for T3000A UHF Range 1 and Range 2 model.

Support for 3600 Trunking Capable Radios

4.6 (Build 163)

Support for purchasing radio features.

4.5 (Build 144)

Support for Capacity Plus feature.

4.0 (Build 112)

Support for IP Site Connect feature.

Support for Enhanced Privacy feature.

Support for up to 1000 Channels with memory utilization information.

Support for Table View configuration of Channels, Calls and Signaling Systems.

Drag and drop feature enhanced to support General Settings, Accessories, Buttons, Text Messages, Telemetry, Menu, Privacy and Network.

Support for cloning multiple (4) devices from a single archive simultaneously.

3.6 (Build 97)

Support for In Call Criteria and Digital Microphone Gain configuration.

Fix for the error message issue when there is no audio device available.

Fix for non-GPS radio cloning issue using the codeplug version less than 03.00.08 archive files.

3.5 (Build 88)

Support for GPS Revert feature.

Support for UHF Band 2 models.

Support to preserve sorted items.

Support for disabling warning messages.

Support for Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium and Business Editions.

3.0 (Build 80)

Support for additional UHF/VHF high/low power models.

Support for searching the controls on the configuration view.

Support for getting to the selected channel from the list of channels on the zone configuration view using Go to feature.

Configuration of the GPIO Pins has been changed from logical pin numbers to actual physical pin numbers.  Opening old archives will result in reordering of the logical pin numbers to the physical pin numbers (actual operation will not be affected).  Refer to online help for the pin number mapping.

2.0 (Build 67)

Support for VHF high power models.

1.0 (Build 59)

Support for the MOTOTRBO UHF radios.

Drag and drop support between models.

Support for renaming channels, systems, calls and lists.

Support for multiple selection configuration. For example, create several Digital Channels and select them all in the tree view and set the Slot of all the Digital Channels to the same value at once.

Support for custom views and undo/redo.

Support for loading language packs in the radio to navigate radio menu and features in different languages.

Support for firmware and codeplug upgrade using the device update feature.

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