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Domain Names, Current and Past

We are down to just a few domain names now...too much overhead for little additional worth...

Here are some of TLD's that we have had or still support.  Most have been pointed to: www.trbo.org.  Some have just gone on to the what you might think while others were pointed to non ham sites that further wagged a finger at the silliness (to BS) of Ham politics.

trbo.org is the only domain name that we actually paid $$$ to the then owner to have it transferred to us.  dmr.org may have been more appropriate (and expensive) but we are a MotoTRBO shop at heart so we are happy with our primary TLD.

You can get your own vanity domains quickly, easily and cheaply from NameSilo  You don't even need a website, just point your domain toward your favorites...nor not so much.   ;-)


DCI's favorite Domain registrar, free privacy and less expensive registrations...and we get a few pennies if you use our referral(Use Coupon Code: 8951 and save another buck, 8951 is the ID for TAC 1)


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