Resources for New TRBO Users

BBS; DMR Technical; wonderful resource!

What is DMR

Information on DMR and other digital voice formats in the HAM bands

Looking to purchase a new Motorola DMR (MotoTRBO) radio or parts?  Contact Jeff @

Blogging on MotoTRBO by DJ0WH

Purchase a new HYTERA DMR radio from

Purchase used DMR radios on eBay

Yaesu announces they will start selling P25 and DMR radios soon.

Cant afford radio? Still can listen with police scanner and
you can also decode the DMR data stream

If you want to use your radio on a networked repeater you must apply for a DMR radio ID.

The process is not automated. When your added you will receive a email. You can also verify via the DMR radio ID database.

When you get your radio ID you will need to program you radio.  Motorola CPS (customer programming software) is used to program MotoTRBO brand radios, and your supposed to purchase it from Motorola.  I believe hytera CPS is free with the radio of very cheap to purchase.

Programming Cables for Mototrbo Radios are a straight USB connection.  This is a Portable cable diagram
This is the Repeater/mobile cable.

When programming your radio, you may find it complicated. There are a few published MotoTrbo codeplugs (radio configuration file) that you can copy and paste or clone into your radio.

While programming your radio there are a few important settings you must not goof up. Make sure to follow the guide here.

Live audio of the DCI/TRBO-6 and DMR-MARC networks is streamed online.  There is a delay. ( video w/commercials )

Real-time log of DMR-MARC network activity

Additional information

Yahoo Groups (main TRBO/DMR support group) (Hytera radio discussion) (Michigan); MI-5 or C-MEN possibly (USA) (Nothern California)  (Website) (German) (Colorado) (Arizona) (Illinois) (Rx only)


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