DMR Tech Net Information

  • Wednesday evening at 1800 Pacific / 2100 Eastern
  • North America talkgroup #3163 on the DCI Networks
  • North America talkgroup #3 on the DMR-MARC Networks
  • Streamed on NorCal and EchoLink
  • NCS back-channel onTeamSpeak and/or Zello DMR-Nets
  • Mailing List for all NCS's for scheduling, changes, etc
  • (TAC 310 Net Also, Sundays at 1700 Pacific, 2000 Eastern)
  • (QnA Hour following the TAC 310 Net)
Our Monthly NCS volunteers
1st Wednesday

Ted, VE7LEE, New Westminster, British Columbia Canada

2nd Wednesday NCS needed
3rd Wednesday Chuck, W4CLL, Plant City Florida
4th Wednesday NCS needed
Back-up Spencer, KJ6ART, Turlock California
Tech Nets generally run about 90 minutes and are dependant on the active participation of those listening. 

General flow of Tech Net; NCS may inject their own style to running the net

  • NCS preannounces the net 5-15 minutes before the hour

  • NCS begins the net at top of the hour, brief introduction

  • Ask for Urgent or out of order traffic

  • Ask for Announcements,

  • Ask for any Demonstrations be they formal (club meetings, etc) or informal

  • Ask for First Time Tech Net visitor or check-ins from our newest DMR adopters

  • Begin with questions from the listeners; simple subjects first, then more complex issues to trail along if possible

  • Last call for any traffic should begin 75-90 minutes into the net to try to close before or by the 2 hour mark.  90 minutes is typically long enough for the evening.


Typical discussion topics can be:

  • Various DMR Ham groups; DMR-MARC, DCI, CAN-TRBO, and many others

  • New Repeaters and Networks coming online

  • New radio models on the market

  • Programming your radio, firmware, CPS, Contact Lists, Talkgroups

  • Other manufacturers of DMR user radios and repeaters

  • c-Bridge, SmPTT, TRBOvui, Transit TRBO and other 3rd party bridging products

  • Talkgroups; controlling them; so many, why and how

  • Last Heard Lists, c-Bridge Net watch, DMR-Lnk, etc.

  • Mobile repeaters or repeaters connected via the cellular networks

  • Audio Levels

  • GPS and APRS support for TRBO

  • Linking to other services; EchoLink, SIP, AllStar Link, D-STAR, Analog Remote Bases, SIP, etc

  • Roaming

  • and more...just ask during the net if you have something you wish to be discussed


Tech net may or may not be a directed net and its at the discretion of the weekly NCS so check-ins may or may not be requested.  The style is more free-form where the NCS gets a subject rolling and then the active talkers discuss it in no particular order.  The NCS will jump back in as needed.

If you desire to check-in then please be prepared to ask a question, make a comment or tell us something about your TRBO activity.  Some Tech Nets are slower than others so the NCS may hammer a bit on folks to grab their mics and participate.  Most folks tend to listen but that doesn't help the net cover items of interest.

We are always looking for Net Control Stations.  If you would like to call the net, we welcome your interest.  You do not need to follow this format.  Please Email Tech Net for more information or to set up for a net or a schedule.  Thank you!!!

See the Poll Results from the New Year Tech Net Survey (2014)


If you have a question or comment for Tech Net but can't TX onto the net or you are not available during the nets, you are welcome to Email it to Tech Net and we will pose the question, discuss it and try to Email you the information.


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