User Guidelines

For the smooth and efficient operation of the network and c-Bridge, users are requested to follow our general guidelines.

All DCI IPSC connected repeaters have Time Slot 1 enabled for system-wide traffic.  "Comm1" is now the preferred Talkgroup for use on our IPSC networked Time Slot 1.  No other Talkgroups should "routinely" be used on Time Slot 1.

This means that our system-wide network "Intercom Channel" is "Comm 1".  The "Comm 1" Talkgroup is for use only on Time Slot 1.  "Comm 2" is for use only on Time Slot 2.  Not all repeaters have Time Slot 2 connected for network traffic (check Repeater Listing to be sure).  "All Call" is not to be used except in emergency or priority situations.  95% of our network traffic is handled by "Comm 1".  Use of other Talkgroups on Time Slot 1 is discouraged as it ties up the wider use of the network Intercom.  But there are several others in place for specialized or occasional use.

Repeater owners are the local users primary point of contact and should ensure their member's radios are setup correctly and to insure compliance with our operational guidelines.  If you have any doubt about what you are doing, contact your repeater owner or his designee.  You may also inquire on "Comm 1" if you like as long as it doesn't involve proprietary network information. Email is a great way for routine questions.  We should have your horsepower also.  There are times when there or system or repeater issues and we do try to advise of problems or changes in the system.  If we do not have your Email address at a minimum, then we cannot inform you.

We realize that some users have TRBO radios as part of a business or public service agency use and that DMR/MARC ID's then becomes problematic.  In those cases, we will generally allow the current ID to prevail as long as it doesn't conflict with any of our current ID's already on the DCI network or c-Bridged networks.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated to enable the smooth flow of the bits.

Please write to us if you know a better way to allow this network to operate more efficiently, or with comments/suggestions.


Revised: 09/19/2014